10 Great Places for Sweet Desserts in DTLA

DTLA just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter! From Chinatown to South Park, here are just a few of Downtown Weekly’s sweetest tooth picks…all guaranteed to satisfy the most stubborn of sweet tooths. Lol…When it comes to desserts…We are FLOSS’n!


1. Bottega Louie – Financial District

Gluten Free Macaroons are just one of the many reasons there’s always a packed house at Bottega Louie. Still, by far DTLA’s most flavored success story, choose from an assortment of these tasty bite-sized wonders. Also for Downtown, chocolate and vanilla pâte à choux, a rich selection of designer cupcakes, tarts, torched meringues, lavish cakes and other sweets with various foreign titles. 700 S. Grand Ave, LA, CA 90017. #bottegalouiedtla

2. Paris Baguette Fashion District

Paris Baguette has just added the Fashion District to its list of locations around the world. This international franchise is a fast casual bakery-café founded in 1988 specializing in French-inspired goods. Here’s a unique Parisian experience with harder to find cakes, juices, coffees and pastries that widen our sweet horizon, like Baguette’s Apple Bavarian Cream Pastry, Banana Pudding or Cappuccino Cakes, Acai Smoothie Bowls and Watermelon Tornado Juice. #Paris-Baguette

3. Traditional Mochis of Fugetsu-Do Little Tokyo

More time machine than dessert shop, Fugetsu-Do just may be the oldest sweet shop in DTLA, having been family owned and operated in Little Tokyo since 1903. They offer Japanese rice cakes, more commonly known as mochi and manju (sweet bean-filled rice cake), and they are easy to fill up on. Mochi has usually been eaten during festive occasions but make a perfect gift. They also gift wrap the box. 315 East First St. Los Angeles, CA 90012.

4. Strawberry Whipped Cream Cakes of Phoenix Bakery Chinatown

Founded in 1938 by Fung Chow Chan and wife, Wai Hing, this family operated bakery in Chinatown is famous for using generation-old recipes, beginning with their trademark “fresh strawberry whipped cream cake”. Made by hand, this two-layered, soft yellow sponge cake is filled with fresh strawberries, fluffy whipped cream and ringed with toasted almonds, making you want to sing the happy birthday song when there’s not even a birthday. 969 N Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90012. #phoenixbakery

5. The Pie Hole – Arts District

DTLA’s Pie Hole is located in a trendy part of the Arts District where they continue to introduce us to new recipes sweet and savory. SurPies SurPies… the Pie Hole is not just for pies anymore, the Pie Hole now serves PIEFAIT, a cup of heaven overflowing with your choice of pie and vanilla ice cream topped with their house-made whipped cream and your choice of chocolate or Caramel Drizzle. 14 Traction Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90013. #thepieholela

6. Little Damage! – Fashion District

Owner Jenny Damage uses her powers to create an ice cream fantastic. All with supernatural ingredients, Little Damage was the first to pioneer the release of activated charcoal to add mystique and aesthetic value to their soft serve ice cream. Once the idea caught on, it began a movement, with dessert shops in DTLA adding the dark gray ingredient to everything from Gelato to ice mocha. 700 S Spring St, LA, CA, 90014. #little.damage

7. Divine Dips

DTLA Vegans Unite!

Come take a dip in creamy tantalizing flavors like Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Infinite Mint and Caffe No-Lait. Owner Diane Jacob’s non-dairy and gluten-free ice creams are made in-house, with the same creamy richness, flavor and texture of traditional ice cream, but without the drawbacks of dairy. Divine Dips are skillfully crafted from a blend of organic coconut milk, cashews, nut milks, other all-natural ingredients and vegan magic. 601 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA 90014. #divinedipsdtla

8. The Dolly LLAMA Historic Core

Brand new to DTLA, introducing…the Bubble Waffle Cone brought to us by The Dolly Llama Waffle Master. The coolest looking Llama in the world too, we might add. This generous dish features a scoop of ice cream tucked inside, set on top of a bubble waffle or waffle stick and dressed with unlimited toppings. In fact, The Dolly Llama has more toppings than any other dessert shop in the Core and when it comes to sauces and ice cream flavors you’ll be glad to know there’s a wide assortment of those too.

Meticulously prepared before your very eyes this dessert could double for a collectible art piece. Please note… This ice cream…It will melt if you try to collect it, just take a photo, tag #thedollyllama_la and enjoy! The Dolly Llama also offers shakes with the same “pick your own ingredients” concept and hot cups of hot cocoa, Hot-chata, Hot Chocolate or Hot Vanilla topped with marshmallows. 611 S Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014. #thedollyllama_la

9. Sinners and Saints – Fashion District

Downtown’s new Corporation Food Hall just south of 7th and Spring is the answer to all foodie lover’s prayers complete with Italian, Mexican, Asian and American Cuisines. And now they offer a wide variety of desserts thanks to Sinners and Saints. Cupcakes, tarts, puddings, pecan bars, cream puffs, cakes and pies don’t have to be guilty pleasures anymore. Desserts marked Sinners will tempt you as they should. while desserts marked Saints bless you with the taste of gluten free perfection. 724 S. Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014. #sinnersandsaintsdesserts

10. Bella Yogurt – Historic Core

Frozen Yogurt is just as popular as ice cream in Downtown and we have enjoyed at least one frozen yogurt shop in almost every district. Now the Historic Core can offer sugar-free, nonfat, gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free frozen yogurt, gelato, and soft serve ice cream options thanks to Bella Frozen Yogurt on 5th and Broadway.  Flavorites include Disney Dole Whip, Death by Chocolate and Sea Salt Caramel which all scoop effortlessly from your cup with Bella’s assortment of color-changing spoons and they never run out of those little white taster cups or yogurt for you to try before you buy. 312 W. 5th Street #105 LA, CA 90013. #bellayogurtdtla



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