10 Great Places to Celebrate St. Patty’s Day – Class, Smash or Trashed

‌Well, if you’ve ever celebrated Saint Patrick’s Day in Downtown LA, you may or may not remember hordes of people in the streets, not all of them Irish, not all of them drunk beyond repair, some actually looking like they haven’t explored their outer limits at all – but all looking like they finally found their lucky charms. Just how did they get that way, you ask? Here’s a list of 10 Great Places to drink, eat and play while keeping your class, getting lucky or just ending up totally trashed.


“A silent mouth is sweet to hear.”

Seems like Downtown waited forever for Prank Bar to arrive and when it did, it was no joke. Feeling Lucky? This ever trendy restaurant-bar may remind some of Venice, with its welcoming crowd, cornered open-air bar seating arrangement and famous TikiChoo Rum Drink. But, instead of the beach, surfers and beach babes, this backdrop consists of South Park’s newest developments and an A- list of DTLA’s most well-dressed professional crowd of movers and shakers ready to mix, mingle and share stories of their Downtown successes. SMASH. @prankbar


“Don’t break your shin on a stool that is not in your way.”

Dublin’s doesn’t need March Madness or St. Patty’s Day to add to its crazy. With Fried Wings, Potato Skins, Fish Tacos,  Jalapeno Poppers and a bar covered with flat screens; sports fans, beer drinkers and whiskey chasers have already been flocking to Dublin’s for years making sure Dublin’s stays as wild as Irish Pub can get. This St. Patty’s day join Dublin’s for Green Beers, Guinness and Shamrocks all day starting from 8:30am, ending when the last leprechaun throws up. TRASHED. @dublins_dtla

No 3. Caseys Block Party.

“Give away all you like, but keep your bills and your temper.”

If you think 6am is too early to start drinking on St. Patty’s day, then you may not have enough livers to handle Casey’s Annual Block Party and tournament. Who can drink the most, scream the loudest,  burp, flirt, fart and dance seems to be the deciding factor for the Gold medal, with the only rule being “to have fun” as over 10,000 attendees celebrate behind the barricades that block off the streets between 11am – 2am. Free before 1pm, Casey’s annual offers food, live music, vendors, and over 415 kegs and 1200 bottles of Irish Whiskey – gone – just like that! This is that one party that leads to hundreds of highly inebriated leprechauns roaming the streets of Downtown in the mid afternoon sometimes leaving more than just a few shamrocks on the curb and the smell of acidic chime steaming up from sidewalks behind them. Somebody, please, tell the leprechauns when they’ve had enough… For the more responsible, Casey’s has partnered with Ride Yellow for discount taxi cab service. TRASHED. @213hospitality

No 4 Mas Malo.

“Bricks and mortar make a house, but the laughter of children makes a home.”

Mas Malo’s historic dining experience inside the main hall of the Historic Brock & Company Jewelers Building adds another touch of magic to the Financial District’s Restaurant Row. This Spanish Colonial Revival-style property, designed in 1923 by Dodd & Richards architecture firm, boasts a second-floor lounge, full dining area and separate cocktail bar. Our best choice for St. Patty’s with the family or a date if you enjoy class with your glass. Featuring $7 Beer and Shot Combos, $8 Avocado and Cucumber Micheladas or 9$ Jalapeño Margaritas, we will see you on the dance floor thanks to resident Dj Rudy V spinning classic Soul for St. Patty like he does every Saturday at Mas Malo. CLASS. @masmalodowntown

No 5.  Vespaio DTLA.

“True strength lies in gentleness.”

Grand Park, the Music Center, REDCAT, Walt Disney Concert Hall, LA Phil, The Broad Museum, Colborn School and green beer? Yes, even our most affluent neighborhood for the arts enjoys a wee bit of Irish fun once a year with Vespaio’s delightful Italian wonderland serving $4 green ale along with a long list of gourmet pizzas and pasta all day in celebration of Saint Patrick. Vespaio’s wine list is extensive, along with its seafood, desserts, salads and paninis. Look and feel your best with light items on the outdoor patio with a worthy view of passerbys and museums nearby. CLASS.  @vespaiodtla


“It’s no use carrying an umbrella if your shoes are leaking.”

When you own 4 bars in the DT producing our town’s favorite bar crawl is as easy as learning the ABCs. Beginning at 11am, Artisanal Brewers Collective group welcomes all pixies and elves to partake in their St. Patty’s Day Bar Crawl “ Beer Me”, a self-guided bar crawl starting at the bar of their choice. Each bar, the Library Bar, Spring Street Bar, Sixth Street Tavern and Beelman’s Pub will feature beer and food specials but only one will become a vegan food lovers choice for the day’s events. Beelman’s Pub with chef Caroline Concha will be serving their famous Tachos, Wonton Wee Bites, Stinkin’ Fries and fake meat burger patties that taste so much like real meat, that you will think they are impossible.  CLASS. @beelmansla


“May all who love the Lord, love you and those who don’t love you, may the Lord give them a limp so you can see them coming.”

There’s nothing really Irish about Bird’s and Bees, except maybe the manager or the doorman. We’re just throwing it on the list, because, its one of those places we feel everyone should know about. Built in the classic speakeasy tradition its well hidden with an unmarked entrance located in the deeper end of a massive parking lot just south of 2nd and Broadway. As you make your way through its underground tunnel to the brightly colored yellow door that reveals a mix of vintage and modern interior accents, you’ll thank DT Weekly, for allowing you to see what birds and bees do with Leprechauns when you’re not around. CLASS. @birdsandbeesla


“Better to be quarreling than lonesome.”

With 7 rooms of Samba and Disco, there is plenty of room to dance to Latin rhythms in Downtown LA thanks to LA Live’s World Famous Conga Room. If you can’t find St. Patty most likely he’s in the VIP with bottle service surround by lovely ladies and jealous gents. SMASH @congaroom


“May you be in heaven a full half hour before the devil knows you are dead.”

Because Opera and Leprechauns sing-alongs go great with Beer. St. Patrick’s Day at Angel City Brewery comes with Corned Beef Tacos from Downtown Taco Truck and their Irish Coffee Stout pouring all day long! But they are throwing in something so special its bound to cast a spell. Irish songs led by Opera on Tap with performances by NOVALA, The Sound of Ghosts, Abby and The Myth, Sarah & the Starlights, and DJ Mark Hayes inside of Angel Brews Annex, Public House which is open until 2 am, but the music stops at 7 pm.  SMASH.  @angelcitybrew


“May the hand of a friend always be near you. And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.”

Well, you wanted to see what was at the end of the RAINBOW. Well, here it is…. REDLINE DTLA. And these fairies add spice to Downtown along with pixie dust. So, who’s ready for St Patty’s day at Redline? Doors open at noon and they will be flippin’ balls with green beer-pong and serving up shot specials all day and night with DJ Big Dipper and DJ Addition controlling the beats. TRASHED. @redlinedtla