Corporation Food Hall Opens: Here’s Why It Will Change DTLA

The future is lunch. At least, that’s the vision of the developers behind downtown LA’s first boutique food court, Corporation Food Hall, opening its vast doors between the 7th & 8th block section of Spring Street September 1st.

DTLA Weekly has confirmed the grand opening with the Shomof Group, who will be turning up the heat Friday as their eight resident restaurant stations serve up everything from grilled lemon grass pork to mac’ daddy burgers (yup, fried mac’n cheese patties ARE the buns), and don’t forget the red velvet churros.

And why a food hall? The re-imagining of the 1980’s food court has spurred a renaissance across every great city in Northern America, mirroring the European customs of communal dining and modestly sized artisan offerings. You won’t see a quarter pounder here, but instead gourmet balanced options teetering on the decadent and ringing up at $10-15/meal. So eat your heart out Los Angeles.

Despite pressures to open a bar, the Shomof Group was set on a lunch option to position a thriving daytime business to wake up the previously dormant one-block-span connecting the historic and fashion districts along Spring. Before Little Damage and Juice Crafters galvanized the corner of 7th, foot traffic on the sleepy block was nearly all extinct. Corporation Food Hall, along with the Holland Partner Group’s adjacent towers, offering a combined 500+ luxury apartments come next year, is sure to bring new life to the entire block stretch.

The Shomof Group’s commitment to a day-time business doesn’t mean libations are off the table by any means. A state of the art bar hugging the end of building’s post-industrial interior is planning on operating during the hall’s regular 11am-11pm business hours, in addition to offering after-hours drinks until 2 am. Patrons can enjoy world renowned mixology and 5-star wines from LA name On The Thirty, the masterminds behind the hall’s spirited offerings.

The hall’s eight culinary entities are comprised of popular LA food trucks and pop-ups gone brick and mortar as well as existing cult-followed eateries across southern California. Poke2Go and Buddha Belly (food truck ArroyLA) will be serving up Asian fusion, Funculo: flour dusted homemade pasta and sauce, Soom Soom: farm-to-table Mediterranean, Pig Pen Delicacy: pork-centric comfort food turned art, Tacos Tu Madres: unconventional Mexican (home to truffle guacamole…shall we say more?), On The Thirty: artisan cocktails and wine plus an addition pizza station featuring a tiled Naples pizza oven that cooks pizza to perfection in less than 3 minutes, and lastly, L.A’s coffee and brunch Instagram rock star, Bardonna.

Diners will have the opportunity to sit at communal tables along the main artery of the hall’s interior or sit bar style along the station’s counters as they watch their food being prepared in fully-equip kitchens ranging from 202 to 288 square feet each. The hall even has high chairs- not always easy to find in the culinary hot spots of Los Angeles, where dog bowls are often more commonplace than boosters. A good amount of high-top tables are also available on the hall’s street view patio, where diners can enjoy their food as well as their alcoholic beverages while taking in the energy of Downtown Los Angeles’s historic district and up and coming businesses.

The hall’s high-ceilinged industrial-modern design also serves as a canvas for urban art and murals, offering what are sure to be some of the city’s best places for photography. Diners can easily snap some #foodporn of their decadent plates, framed by the chic reclaimed wood tabletops, or take a selfie by the interactive murals decorating the hall’s elegant cement walls, with inscriptions such as “Sorry for what I said when I was hungry,” and “To Live and Dine in LA.”

And if living fully in LA is what your after then why not have Corporation Food Hall all to yourself? The space will be fully available to those wishing to book for private events, giving one’s guests the ultimate culinary adventure all under one roof. The hall’s acoustics and hip urban vibe are sure to make the hall rise to the top as one of DTLA’s most sought after venues, an area that is already highly desirable for wedding receptions, fundraisers, private parties, and corporate gatherings.

Whether it’s family, friends, food, or a scene you’re looking for in downtown Los Angeles, you can have it all at Corporation Food Hall, where cuisine selections are your own as well as the experience. Spring Street has been a little hungry, but it looks like that is all about to change.

Corporation Food Hall is located at 742 S. Spring St, Los Angeles, CA.