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Desuar Spa: The Caress of DTLA

Licensed Esthetician & Certified Massage Therapist, Deisy Suarez is no stranger to stress. As much as she has made it her life’s work to help in the stress relief of others, she admits taking on a full build-out in the basement of the Jewelry Trade building was no easy task. But like any true entrepreneur, she found the strength and the capital she needed to persevere and create something truly unexpected.

Dust to trust, everything that is Desuar spa from plumbing to electrical is completely new and constructed by Suarez to create the lavish space guests can feel comfortable in.

Suarez tells the story of moving to Downtown from New York in 2006 and running her spa services mobility or from home while living first in South Park and then later onto the penthouse of the Barclay. Two years ago Suarez moved her location and converted the abandoned chimney of the Chester Williams Building to a popular day spa, to keep the business going while construction of the basement spa was underway.

From highs to lows, being fearless enough to remain in Downtown and run a successful business over 12 years instantly qualifies Suarez as a DTLA Patriot. Knowing these Downtown LA streets and neighbors just as well as she knows your body, customers are encouraged to relay their issues and allow the spa’s technicians to caress or “listen with their hands” in order to communicate with the body and relieve the problem.

In order to do so, there needs to be complete relaxation and that is easily achieved within Desuar’s dimly lit sub level sanctuary. Calming meditation music, candles, and Moroccan idolatries are littered throughout the space, which allow the guests access to a number of rooms predestined for their particular experience. There is a private room to match each treatment.

Underground and Perfect for Downtown

Long ago, in the time before a New Downtown would step into the light, Downtown saturated us with the speakeasy effect, many times hosting events hidden in plain sight and easily missed by the unsuspected eye. These events were invite only, for members only and exclusivity was key.  Even back then, the Downtown underground hospitality scene had attached itself to rooftops, warehouses, and bars hidden behind doors of books, in private lofts or beneath the surface of the earth.

With the New Downtown came that same allure, but this time it would include not only bars and nightclubs but other types of hidden gems like basement yoga, fashion, eateries and sub level sanctuaries like Desuar Spa.

Bring your muscle and skin ailments and enter Desuar through the lobby of the Jewelry Trade Building and take the elevator down to the basement to enter its calm.

Specializing in Swedish and deep tissue massage, guests can say goodbye to chronic aches and pains, or a stiff neck or upper back. Low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders surely won’t be missed, and just can’t withstand the techniques of the spa.

Breaking up scar tissue and physically breaking down muscle “knots” or adhesions that can disrupt circulation and cause pain, limit motion, and inflammation are daily occurrences at Desuar which can easily accommodate up to 15 visitors an hour within its massive new space.

Scalp massage, reflexology, prenatal and aromatherapy are also offered at the spa. There are eight rooms for complete relaxation with services that include facials, body scrubs, wax, tanning, massage, even a soak bath inside one very deep brass tub.   

Desuar’s brass tub is unique for any spa in Downtown and is used for soaking while submerged in different skin softening and aromatherapy products including a bath made from beer. Beer bathing, a European trend, is known to improve damaged skin cells, exfoliate and improve elasticity, reduce wrinkles and blemishes and even conditions the hair. Collabs with local breweries offer up the leftover hops.

Another favored feature of the spa is the Himalayan Salt Table. The use of Himalayan salt has been used for health purposes thousands of years. This natural and holistic treatment has been known to aid in detoxification and promotes better breathing, healing of the skin and yields a better sleep. The bed, which allows one to lay upon tiny salt rocks separated from your body with thin veil, also lights up to continue its calming effect making it as tranquil it is therapeutic.

Couples can share their experience inside the “Couples room” which uses heated beds and a faux fireplace to aid in relaxation.

Desuar reserves its main room for reflexology chairs, with a row of comfortable reclining chairs.

Separate locker rooms for women and men are complete with showers, vanity mirrors, plush robes and toilettes. The name of the brand is embroidered upon each of these items and testifies to the attention to detail while adding a finishing touch.

Suarez has come a long way from putting herself through college by doing makeup and skipping around from place to place.

In Los Angeles, massage and makeup are in high demand and soon Desuar Spa will offer makeup services, along with a sauna and steam room. With best friend and husband Keith Giles by her side, the two have taken on the task of challenging the erratic energies built up inside of us by the pressures of the city and continue to emerge victoriously.   

Good things come to those who wait. Clients of Desuar Spa can finally enjoy a permanent location with additions never experienced before by the brand.

Apply pressure to your back not your wallet.

The same treatments found in Beverly Hills can be found at Desuar but at a more affordable price. You’ll find some of the same products in the posh spas as well and a friendly staff to help you make the transition from the hectic pace of the street above to Desuar’s leisure palace below. There is also wine, champagne, beer or a “Messagearita” cocktail compliments of Desuar. Perfect for private events or for social gatherings Desuar Spa is a unique experience to Downtown and gives us just one more reason to relax. Desuar Spa is located at 220 W 5th St, Basement in the Historic Core of DTLA.

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