Green Grotto



The art or skill of preparing healthy cocktails and juices using a precise recipe delivering a consistently delicious taste with every order.

Juice bars were designed to function as grab-and-go spaces until CEO and former mixologist turned Juiceologist, Kieran Roberts, conceptualized a health and wellness destination that offers Downtown a healthy haven to connect, work, play, eat and drink.

“Being healthy is a lifestyle that should be lived as an experience. We celebrate and encourage Downtown to take part in experiencing the Grotto motto, which is…When you’re healthy, you’re happy.” says Roberts.

Much like mixology, their staff, appropriately titled Juiceologists, use precise recipes that deliver each juice with a consistently delicious taste.

Green Grotto stays true to the traditional unpasteurized, cold-pressed juice designed by Roberts and offers an intimate, fresh-pressed option. You can customize your own fresh-pressed juice with organic fruits, vegetables, and superfood additives, tailored to your taste.

Green Grotto’s culture is rooted in the lively, healthy, and happy aura of the Caribbean. In addition to their juicy options, Green Grotto continues its fresh and unconventional approach to health by offering exotic acai bowl blends and their famous Jamaican-Style patties. The Jamaican patty is low in sodium and fat, plus it’s a fun and a perfectly tasty finish to Green Grotto’s healthy experience.

Walking into Green Grotto’s modern and chic juice lounge, you are greeted by an upbeat and engaging staff. While you and friends wait for your handcrafted fresh or cold-pressed juices, you can charge your cell phones with GGJB’s free charging decks, play Connect Four or Mancala, challenge your friends to a game of Jenga and enjoy movies and music videos shown on their flat-screen televisions.

DTLA has gained a healthy destination that isn’t pretentious and solely focused on calories, but the experience doesn’t stop there.

Green Grotto Juice Bar is an embodiment of health and happiness, which is supported by their daily blog, Pressmade. The blog is a place for travel stories, health and fitness, and the inspirational videos of people overcoming obstacles to experience a full life, DIY tips, and juice recipes as they share a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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