Taix Celebrates 90 Years with 90 Cent Chicken Decadence

Did you know? Taix French Restaurant, the oldest family owned and operated French country restaurant in Los Angeles.

The Taix Family, pronounced “tex” are third and fourth generations sheepherders and bakers from the “Hautes-Alpes” in southeastern France who immigrated to Los Angeles around 1870. In 1912 Marius Taix Sr. built a hotel called the Champ d’Or in downtown Los Angeles’ French Quarter, located kind of where the new Metro Gold Line turns off towards East LA, and just north of the Downtown’s Arts District. Later, son Marius Taix Jr. opened Taix’ first French restaurant inside the Champ d’Or serving chicken dinners for 50 cents at long “family-style” tables with select diners choosing private booth service for an extra quarter. What a deal! 

In 1962, Taix moved to Echo Park, and was owned and operated by Raymond and Pierre Taix, sons of Marius Taix Jr., remaining true to its French roots while experimenting from time to time with continental-themed menus. Passed down again in the 1980s to Michael Taix, son of Raymond, who began contributing to the management of the restaurant, and through time, became the owner-operator.

Continental was good, but Michael Taix wouldn’t have it. He ended up bringing Taix back to its original French roots, most recently, teaming up with French Chef Laurent Quenioux, aka “LQ,” founder of 7th Street Bistro, and a great influence on the L.A. French scene in the 1980s. Together they fine-tuned dishes making micro-improvements and kept up the family tradition staying loyal to the novel food, unique service, and affordable prices that have made Taix Restaurant a Los Angeles institution.

“People say they don’t want change, but deep down inside they always appreciate something new that’s still presented in an old school manner,” said Michael Taix. “Of late, I’ve worked hard to bring back traditional, old country French cuisine–lots of classic game fare such as beef tongue, oxtail, and lamb shanks. In fact, we were one of the first in town to serve short ribs in 1980. I call it ‘imperceptible change,’ where even the most frequent patron wouldn’t notice a difference, but the change is in there just enough to keep them coming back for more.”

This is what neighborhoods are made of:

And we do come back for more, as loyal customers who relish in tradition, as a new hipster crowd that won’t miss the 5 p.m happy hour, as generation Xers who stay for the late-night menu, or those who have served as staff members, some of which have worked at Taix for over 50 years.

Better than anything we’ve seen thus far, Taix has decided to share the celebration on Sunday, October 8th, from 4 p.m .to 8 p.m., with customers, old and new, with 90-cent “Taix” Roast Chicken Dinner Specials.  The menu for the evening’s anniversary hours will be limited to 90-cent dishes, including soup de jour, salad and the “Taix” Roast Chicken with au jus—a classic French country chicken dinner introduced by Marius Taix Jr. in 1927. There’s also a full-service bar available; reservations will not be accepted and diners will be seated on a first come, first serve basis. Taix Restaurant is located at 1911 W. Sunset Blvd, LA CA 90026.TAIXFRENCH.COM